Excellent quality violins, violas and cellos in all sizes

Basses are available in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes

  • Expert set-ups and repairs by our in-house staff

  • Free upgrade to larger sizes as your child grows

  • Generous rental credit program (toward future purchase)

RENTAL CREDIT is the total of all payments less the insurance portion, as detailed below. Our generous equity-building program enables our rental clients to purchase instruments with discounted pricing. One year of rental credits may be applied, up to one-half of the purchase price. Unused rental credits remain active for one full year after the rental contract is terminated. Rental credits may be COMBINED in families with more than one rental contract. Credit cannot be used toward the purchase of rental-grade instruments, consignment instruments, bows, accessories, or repairs. Rental credit is forfeited if unpaid rental account goes into collection status. Sales tax is computed on the full value of the instrument at the time of sale, because no tax is levied on rental fees. 

RENTAL INSURANCE covers reasonable wear and tear, including scratches, open seams, minor breakage, and any adjustments to the soundpost, bridge, or pegs. Insurance does not cover string replacement, bow rehairing, rosin, or accessories. If the instrument is lost or stolen, or if repair costs exceed the total value of the instrument, renter is responsible for the full price of the instrument. 

RENTAL PERIOD are three months in length, and these quarterly contracts renew automatically. Rental payment is due on the first day of each rental period. We offer a five day grace period after the due date before the late charge of $5.00 is assessed. We do not prorate rental charges, which means that the renter is responsible for full payment of the upcoming rental period after the five-day grace period has expired. 


Violin $70 per quarter ($60 + $10) rental + insurance

Viola $75 per quarter ($65 + $10)

Cello $120 per quarter ($105 + $15)

Bass $180 per quarter ($150 + $30)


Violin $110 per quarter ($95 + $15) rental + insturance

Viola $115 per quarter ($100 + $15)

Cello $160 per quarter ($125 + $35)